My Life Pre – 2010

When I was younger in my adult life:
  • I lived in London, Islington, then Colchester, Kassel, Wuppertal and Cologne in Germany.
  • I smoked cigarettes, cuban cigars, normal cigars and cannabis, and drank heavily. This impacted on my health and money even though I was wealthy.
  • I did nine different professional careers. Postman, Operations Assistant, Data Entry Clerk, Print Line Worker, Insurance Salesman and Customer Service agent (Motor and Home), Singer, English Language Teacher, Translator, and Administrator
  • I studied numerous different subject areas at University over 8 years Hanseatic Art and Architecture, Singing, Piano, Music Theory, Cognitive and Systematic Musicology, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Translation, Medieval German Literature and Language German dialectology, Modern German Literature, Applied Linguistics, Formal German Linguistics, English Linguistics, English Literature, Norwegian, Latin, Choral Music, and Historical Musicology, Early Music, and Italian   and really enjoyed it before finding what I really wanted to do when I was 30.
  • I didn’t give a damn about what recruiters wanted. I had a 50 grand from granny who cared! I just did it my way! There is a feeling of mutual disrespect and hatred between me and recruiters.
  • I ran my own successful business as an entrepreneur for which I had professional qualifications in English Language Teaching
  • That was the initial phase of my career when I was in work and studying and spending money partying and having fun
  • Some things I was more successful at than others and I was so busy I didn’t have time to sort my academic problems and ambitions out or really think about what I wanted to achieve I just had money and I did something with it. I spent it.
  • Went to America tour from NYC to LA including into Canada 2001, Salzburg and Zell am See 2000, Praa Sands Cornwall 1998, Brittany 1997, Norway 1995, 1992 European tour: Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Alsace, Freiburg and Schwarzwald, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Italy and Germany (Vlissingen to Merano and back), Dinard and Nantes 1991, Holland, Germany and Denmark (Jutland tour including Legoland Billund) 1990, 1989 Circumnavigation of the Irish coast including NI, 1988 Complete tour of the Breton Coast, 1987 Tour of Normandy including Paris, Rouen and Beaches, 1987 Monchique, Algarve 1986 North Wales 1985 South Wales and Devon, 1984 St Austell Cornwall
What I spent on;
  • I spent 6000 on one year at GSMD.
  • I spent 4500 on a coast to coast trip across America for 1 month.
  • I spent 1000 on a Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults which I got with a pass.
  • I spent 1000 on a Certificate of Certificate of English Language Teaching for Business which I got with a pass.
  • I spent 900 on four months intensive language training at VHS Kassel 5 hrs a day for 4 months culminating in the Goethe Institute Central Intermediate Exam now the B2 level exam.
  • I spent 100 on taking my German University Entrance Exam Certificate in German Language at C1 (DSH Prüfung Der Bergische Universität Wuppertal).
  • I spent 3500 on an MA MA in English for Specific Purposes which I passed.
  • I passed a C2 level German Speaking exam with 95% from Goethe Institut Goettingen
  • I passed a German Language Paper from London external translating in and out of the language and doing a comprehension at level four with 62%  from London External (RHUL)
  • French refresher course and German diploma courses.
  • Books in German
  • University Registration fees at the University of Cologne and HfM Cologne and London External.
  • Fees for my academic frat.
  • A decent bow for my violin
  • A electronic piano who’s sound was acoustically modeled to 99% accuracy on a Groatian Steinway.
  • Music
  • Eating out 3x per day
  • Holidays to Andalusia 2008, Dordogne 2004 , Lôt e Garonne and the Pyrenees 2007, Sicily 2005 and Liège 2006.
  •  Socialising and numerous girlfriends from a lot of different countries
  • Travel to and from the UK via Eurostar, Train and Ferry or Plane
  • Rent in my frat, in my WG and for my flat in Kassel.
Who did I work for?
English Language Teaching
  1. Bayer AG, Bayer Business Services, Fahnen Herold and Delphi Automotive Systems (Skills for Business).
  2. Swedex GmbH, Hochtief Essen, (Kern AG Essen, Wuppertal, Bonn)
  3. Carpe Diem Kids Academy Cologne Widdersdorf (Juliane Mörsdorf-Schulte Mannheim Professor of Law)
  4. Tertia AG Düsseldorf (i/c English lessons for the Düsseldorf Job Centre), briefly also Siemens Düsseldorf
  5. Zentrale Fachschule der Deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft (Central School of Chocolate and Biscuit Making, Solingen), Wilkinson Sword GmbH (Gough’s Language Centre, Solingen)
  6. VHS Wuppertal, briefly also Cologne and Frechen.
  7. Activ Lernen, Cologne
  8. Tandem Cologne, plus private lessons
Famous Pupils

Herr Zielinksy, Head of Bayer Business Services, European Operations

Titus Heidemann, Assistant Choirmaster of St Thomas’s Church, Leipzig.


Junges Theater Goetttingen Summer Opera 2002

Meike Wiechlet, Cologne


Kern AG worldwide (including Deutsche Bahn, VW, UN Bonn, EU)


Gough’s Language Centre


Royal Mail

Boots the Chemist

AXA Direct

Bookers the printers


Systematic Haulage

Clinton Cards