My Adult Life Post-2010

The work dried up so I rationalized like any entrepreneur:


  • Drop in income form 4000 euros a month to 650 pounds a month
  • I bought cookbooks from charity shops for 1 and 2 pounds and look German recipes I used to have cooked for me up on the internet and did a lot of cooking
  • I finally mastered my musical skills by doing 6 hrs piano and then later the same about of violin practice. This helped my rhythm in singing and I started to sing bass rather than countertenor
  • I took grades 6, 7 and 8 music theory from ABRSM and passed them as teacher to myself
  • I wrote three novels each over 50k, New Leather Jacket, Germanic Potential and Your Knight in Shining armour
  • I wrote 4 autobiographical books My Little Book of Berlin, America Illustrated, My Time in Kassel, and The History of My Political Activism 2003-2018
  • I published 4 poetry anthologies Storm Stress and Sorrow, Silent Worship, Mir dem Grünen Lautenbande, and Melancholy River
  • I wrote 90 compositions; 20 songs, 2 concertos, 21 sonatas for violin and piano, 15 improvisations, 5 works for SATB, String Quartet, 2 works for orchestra, 15 shorter character pieces. Cello suite, and a few more.
  • I started self publishing. Initially with Create Space on Amazon, books and 2 CDs, then on Lulu and now with Barry Brignell speciality Bindings in Cambridge in Leatherback.
  • I did concerts for Lexden Choral Society, Lexden Church Choir, TRBC at the Royal Albert Hall and on tour in Guernsey, Aldeburgh Voices with Ben Parry, Roman River Festival Choir and have rehearsed with Pimlott Foundation Family Choir and Colchester Choral Society as a bass.
  • Worship Group for Colchester Baptist Church on the violin
  • 1 Concert for SBMS orchestra on the 2nd fiddle playing a Haydn Organ Concerto.
  • I joined the Yes Campaign for the referendum was. vote checker for them as well on referendum night and Stand Up for Europe 1.0 and 2.0 along with European City Teams, traveling to Munich, and Brussels 3x
  • I’ve just taken part in the Next Classical Music Conference in Rotterdam 2018
  • I visited Maastricht 2x in 2014 and 2017 and Amsterdam in 2014, Guernsey, Sark, Herm in the CI 2016 and the Cotswolds 2010
  • I gave up smoking, drinking and cannabis and that gave me more pocket money.
  • Currently working on Wuppertal times and have a 6th autobiography planned before the end of the year Cologne Magic.
  • Hoping to study Composing in Holland or get a co-operation with a Dutch composer after Next Classical 2018.
  • Started a course in Christian Studies towards the archbishop’s certificate
  • Did some German Classes at ACL Colchester.
  • Lunches out with family in Wivenhoe, antique fairs, walking.


Paid Translation Career (freelance)


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